Where do you source your ingredients from?

Our ingredients come from around the world.  Ingredients are purchased directly or via official distribution channels in North America.  Countries from where these come from include:  Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, Switzerland, and USA.

What species do you make premixes for?

We manufacture premixes for all animal species.

Why is it important I feed a mineral mix formulated for my species of animals?

All biological functions are dependent on one or more of the trace, macro minerals or vitamins in the diet. Therefore, formulating a mineral/vitamin mix specific to the species (and age/production stage) is critical for healthy and economical production. Natural levels in feedstuffs may not be adequate or are unavailable to the animal.

Why should I trust Nature’s Pride to make my premixes?

Nature’s Pride is proud of the quality provided to our customers. To achieve this standard of quality we have become certified under HACCP (Hazard and Critical Control Points) and the Canadian Feed Assure program. Both of these programs audit our facility yearly to ensure that our processes and outputs meet stringent quality requirements.

Do you make Organic and Non-GMO premixes? (Will you work with my Organic organization or non-GMO certifier to get their approval?)

Nature’s Pride does not make organic premixes. However, we do make premixes that in most cases are acceptable to the standards set out with various certifying agencies. We will work with customers’ certifying agencies to create blends that adhere to their standards.

I just don’t want to run out of product and I may even forget to order at times, so can I count on you to keep my inventory stocked but not overstocked?

If a customer requires our sales staff to assist in managing Nature’s Pride Nutrition’s inventory at the farm, we will extend that “keep full” service without overstocking the customer.

Can I get help from Nature's Pride to formulate mixes with ingredients that help me meet my objectives?

Yes. In Canada you would have access to our nutritionist whereas in the United States, typically most of this work is done by a consulting nutritionist. We work regularly with these consultants to design customer specific nutrition packages – minerals, supplements etc.

What are your payment terms?

Standard payment terms are net 30 days from date of delivery.

How does your pricing work? (Are you going to give me a low price to get my business and then slowly increase the price and not drop the price when your cost goes down?)

Pricing for all products are based on incoming ingredient prices which are affected by global trends and currency exchange rates.

What do you use to package the product? (I use 40lbs at a time, can I get 40 lb bags? Or I use 1800lbs at a time, can get 1800lb totes?)

Within reason, NPN is capable and willing to package materials in customer determined bag sizes. Small packages from 15 kg – 25 kg (30 -55 lbs), and large totes ranging from 750 kg (1600 lbs) to 1100 kg (2500 lbs). Bulk deliveries can also be accommodated pending the delivery method requested.

What is the smallest premix batch that you can make?

That depends on the density of the product being made. The default batch size is 1000 kg; our standard mixer size. However, for a very low density premix we may be able to make as low as 300 kg. The rationale is that we want to ensure a uniform mix of all the micro ingredients. If we mix too small a batch, there is not enough mixing action to ensure this.