Products & Services

Nature’s Pride Nutrition is a quality provider of customized macro and micro premixes, as well as a mineral and supplement supplier, delivering products to farms and feed mills throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Washington.


Our German-engineered facility enables us to achieve a level of quality that is often only associated with large multi-national corporations. We utilize decades of industry expertise to develop customized, personalized solutions, and we deliver it all with a level of service that could only come from a family-run company. This perfect mix is the Nature’s Pride Difference.

Designed For You

When we say “custom”, we mean it. Our well-respected experts have decades of experience working with farmers and nutritionists to customize blends based on specific needs.

At Nature’s Pride Nutrition, our own in-house nutritionists listen to your needs and ensure the right blend is developed for your animals. And if you need it, we can offer expert, trustworthy advice on how to meet your long – and short-term feed requirements.

Finding the right feed nutritional balance is crucial to ensuring your animals remain healthy, perform well, and that the risks of financial losses are minimized through good animal health.

We Make It Easy

We know time is precious for you, so we won’t waste it with a slow ordering process.  Our team has the ability to give you a detailed quote so you have the answers you need right away to make timely decisions. That’s one of the advantages of being a family-run company – flexibility.

The Facility

Once a product formula has been developed, Nature’s Pride Nutrition uses only quality ingredients that are sourced from around the globe. Our facility is HACCP-certified ensuring that the highest of standards are met. Due to the vacuum pneumatic transfer of ingredients and vertical drop of finished product, very little dust is created in the entire system. Dust filters trap the small amount that is created during final packaging so that it can be appropriately recycled.

Our People

Our team is passionate, dedicated and aligned with our Companies’ core values: honesty, hard-work, harmony and high standards. The ‘blend’ of our production and nutritional teams’ expertise and knowledge creates a lifetime of experience in every order.


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